Our Company

Michael Isaacs

Michael Isaacs and his wife have been pivotal in growing his local community. His entrepreneurship has allowed him to establish distribution chains with Indigenous and international operations. Michael has over 10 years of industry experience ranging from recycling to agriculture and has developed several successful start-up businesses. With a passion for family and investments, Michael’s next challenge is making a global impact with his medical cannabis company.


“The human body experiences a powerful gravitational pull in the direction of hope. That is why our patient’s hopes are our focus and drive.” – Michael Isaacs

Paul Bernier

Chief Executive Officer
Paul’s passion for cannabis began with his medical journey, recovering from a debilitating injury. Post recovery Paul has been involved in many different areas in the cannabis space including; branding, legal, facility design, patient advocacy, business development, investments, operations and cultivation. This patient experience inspired Paul in to organizing a group of forward-thinking operators that share his vision; encompassing a leadership mindset that will ensure and deliver a culture of responsible corporate governance that focuses on the consumer experience.


“HealthView Pharms believes in helping people live their lives the best that they can, which was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. I believe very strongly that with our people, vision and products, we can make a difference in cannabis consumers lives and at the same time, drive shareholder value. I’m looking forward to working with the team and industry stakeholders to ensure we meet and exceed the needs of consumers safely and consistently.”  – Paul Bernier

Craig Pond

Managing Director Of Facility Operations
Craig is well known for his positive leadership style, along with his depth of knowledge in the field. Born into the family business of agriculture and 40 years later, Craig is still as passionate as the day he started. Craig continues to manage large scale operations, currently in the production of ginseng and other cash crops.

“Our commitment is to consistently supply our strains of flower, with our eye on the future; we are in continuous pursuit of improving the cannabis experience through the latest innovations and methodologies – producing the very best flower we can.” – Craig Pond Facilities Operations Manager